Saturday, October 13, 2012

Only a Dream

©Stacie Sandall

You are in every breath I inhale.
You hold up every step I take.
You nourish me with your wrinkle-nosed laugh
and quench me with every smile you make.

Your absence splits my heart.
Your distance tears my soul.
Your closeness mends the wounds
and nurses me back to whole.

Eyes deep as cloudless sky,
light emits from within your core,
wit sharp as silver blades
and makes me beg for more.

One day you’ll dip your knee
and boldly take my hand.
Those embellished words will spill like rain
and fall upon the sand.

Dear Jesus, let me keep him
and grow older by his side.
I pray and beg you’ll hear my plea
and he’ll say I’ll be his bride.

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